October 2, 2010
By H0LLY SILVER, Sturgis, Kentucky
H0LLY SILVER, Sturgis, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"Ask in faith, never doubting" -James 1:6

Everything we face in life
Comes with complications
That's not exactly what we signed up for
But we can't escape it

The drama,
The heartbreaks,
The love you lost,
It's all apart of the complications
We are destined to have

Simply saying that nothing is wrong
Is an automatic signal to knowing
That something is bothering you
You can't run away from your problems
If you do, you end up at a dead end

Noticing life's imperfections
Can be good and bad
It can mean you are an observer
Seeing every little detail as it plays out
In front of you
Or it can mean
You have nothing better to do
But watch as the imperfections unfold themselves
In front of your eyes

Life, leads to complications
Which leads to getting stronger
As you grow older
You may think
"I have no complications"
But you do, because it comes with life
It's a package deal, with which you face or deny
Which side do you stand on?

The author's comments:
My inspiration for writing this came from people who are always saying they are perfect.

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