Wishful thinking?

October 2, 2010
Have you ever found a person you can't live without?

You think its for real but you're still having doubts?

Up late at night thinking because they are clouding your mind.

At this point you could care less because they're one of a kind.

These thoughts that you think and these dreams that you have

Are making you feel terribly sad.

You know that they're dreams yet you wish they were real

But is this worth all the pain that you feel.

One glimpse at hope then you wake up to find

Your dreams drifting away as you wave them goodbye.

Is it worth it to dream?

Is it worth it to hope?

Or should you just not think of what you want most?

For you know if you do, more chances than not,

They will be shot down whether you like it or not.

By you, by your family or someone not caring.

Keep your feet on the ground when your head is in the clouds.

Wishful thinking is not for the brokenhearted or those too trusting...

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