Walking in Memories

October 1, 2010
By Sorruay SILVER, La Grange, Illinois
Sorruay SILVER, La Grange, Illinois
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The moon danced on my shoulders and smiled like everything was alright.
The twinkle in your eyes reflected it's light..that twinkle plagues my mind. If there was ever a day that changed my life forever it was today. It existed as a second of absolute love that blew away in the wind as it flowed through your hair. That love blew away and left the small substantial mark that left me with tears for years to come. We walked once through crumpled leaves that barked at the very tip of your shoe scraping against their edge. To close to the edge we walked...We walked once through the snow that buried the things of the past...we walked above the past like we walked on concrete and we stood with firm strength together for a minute that was forever but not long enough. Our voices dropped to a hush, a silence with words still floating around us and permeating the very memory we hold as sacred. When we recall that memory our faces turn to dust and our minds slip away for a time in order to ponder the what ifs. What ifs. what. Ifs. Sometimes we forgot the very image of love and let the words speak for us, because that is what verified that we were, once. We walked once, through the concrete jungle with trees so high they towered over us and we clung together like two monkeys excommunicated from the trees and forced to a life on ground. We walked down those parallel lines letting them guide us through the maze of life, for a time. we sipped wine together and laughed at the lovely faces we made. We did these things and we loved eachother. Yes there are still questions that remain unanswered, they always will be so. When we fall into obscure lives of normality and patterns and such just stitch those memories onto your heart and keep them there until we exist once more. Wait until the moment we catch a glimpse of love in the aisles of a deli on a rainy afternoon in the midst of bustling bodies and freshly picked fruits. Wait until we run into a wall of feelings so strong they become seperate beings that drive us to meet once again. We told eachother once we loved one another and i hold that declaration of love as a sacred guideline to the very life i live. And when we whisper in the night, alone and seperate by miles of earth and concrete and steel corridors that echoe the sounds of milleniums to come, we will know; not a moment or memory will be forgotten, and the love that exists and will exist for times indefinite was never felt in vain, and that when you feel alone my love, i feel your aching heart...thrust upon me your pain.

The author's comments:
What can i say, i believe i've felt love. No matter how many adults have down-played it by pasting the "Puppy Love" sign on my forehead, i know what is real. I vented one night, when i could not sleep at about two in the morning, and i decided i should post it regardless of its personal value.

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Sorruay SILVER said...
on Oct. 24 2010 at 9:09 pm
Sorruay SILVER, La Grange, Illinois
8 articles 0 photos 2 comments
let me know what you think guys!


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