The Journey Of Life.

October 6, 2010
You smile as I prance around.
Wearing a smile that could outshine the sun.
Your presence is my stage.
And I am your star.
Cast not my choice.
But by fate.
You take my hand and lead me on a journey.
A journey which has no end.
Even now after we are far apart.
A journey full of tears and laughter.
Though I may be tempted.
I will not stray.
For your love is so much more.
As I travel along the path.
I stop often a watch the bittersweet memories.
Careful not to look back.
Because I know if I do it will be hard to move forward again.
So I tread lightly through the right parts.
And savor the smoothness of the road benath my feet when it comes.
I do not worry about whats around the bend.
For you are with me.
Even though I cannot see you
You presence is oh so real.
And at times it seems like all hope is gone.
You show up, and let me know,
Its gonna be okay.

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