They Say

October 6, 2010
By Anonymous

They say time heels everything. I just wonder how much time, a few weeks, months, years. Do they mean you forget this pain? Do you just wake up one morning and not remember what happened.
It’s been almost a year now and I still feel the pain. It’s like a river after a big storm the current is swift and fast. The memories come back fast just by listen to certain songs. The current pulls you under you can’t breathe .The pain pulls you under. Then you go down till you hit rock bottom. After hitting there only two choices you can lay there and decay or fight your way back to the surface of the water.
The fight is like going down a dirt road. It’s rough at first, then it smoothes out, and in flashes it bumpy again and the struggles are back. I guess the question is how much one person can take before they snap.
Some people try to avoid and block everything out but the numbness wears off fast. It’s trying to like be germ free, yeah germs can be destroyed but only for a few seconds then we come back into contact with more.
Lost, confused busted, what do they have in come there all ways you feel after losing someone you love.
• Lost- like gone for ever
• Confused-why did they have to leave.
• Busted- as in shattered glass that will never be whole again.

The author's comments:
THE death of some people i was vey close to.

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