The Difference

October 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Abercrombie from head to toe
Skinny jeans, perfect length
A smile on her face
Overload of dark eyeshadow
Light brown hair she flips...and flips...and flips

She whines, but jokingly
She sings, but cooly
She walks, but confidently
She talks, but casually
She laughs, but perfectly

She doesn't worry about not making eye contact - it's automatic.
She doesn't worry about people liking her - they already do and she knows it.
She doesn't worry about her appearance - it's perfect and everyone loves her.
She doesn't overanalyze or stress - she's easygoing.

Blue sneakers, faded tee shirt
Jeans two inches above the ankle
A serious expression
Light makeup, sometimes none
Dark hair that falls in front of my eyes... and I don't flip it away

I cry, emotionally
I sing, passionately
I walk, alone
I talk, but quietly
I laugh, but rarely

I don't worry about my friends liking me for who I am - it's obvious.
I don't worry about trusting my friends or saying something "uncool" - they don't judge me.
I don't worry about my grades - I'm smart and I know it. :)
I don't try to sound cool - I am who I am.

That's the difference between me and her.

The author's comments:
a popular girl in my class who caught my eye today

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