candle light

October 1, 2010
tears, manifesting in my eyes,
everytime i see love it makes me cry,
for i see what i am missing and yurn for it with such intensity,
i could break down tonight, because of my feelings of fright,
the only thing that is dying tonight is love,

i was a burning flame blown out by the coldest wind,
and it put me out and you relit my wick,
now all i do is feel sick, for i kno you dont love me,
so my flame is now dim, its cold and dark,
siting on the window seal staring at the lights,
wishing i was something that could always be so bright,
and not being this dim candle light.

i look at the beautiful twisting colors,
I wish i could be just like the others,
so bring and colorful mingling in the dark,
but sadly i am far apart,
never can i be like the lights,
for i am just a dim candle stuck in a window seal,
all these lights begin to steal the darkness i have come to love,

now with the rooms to bright,
you can no longer see my candle light,
for i was put out again and stuck on a shelf,
it seems i have been replaced by something else,
its color was different from the others,
so much brighter and vivid, i can feel its heat,
melting my wax, killing me slowly,
i notice it staring out my beautiful window,
stealing my darkness.i have come to love.

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