Lies from the Devil himself

October 1, 2010
By Ashley Smith BRONZE, Bardstown, Kentucky
Ashley Smith BRONZE, Bardstown, Kentucky
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His chuckle sends anger running up her spine.
So much pain caused by his manipulating soul.
How can he laugh?
How can he be so calm?
How can he go through this life knowing what he had done?
How can he not know what was right and what was wrong?
Evil had arrived through him, to make her soul crack and break.
The devil had risen when she cried out for no more. Yet his greedy hands took and took what he wanted.
He had taken her innocence and left her in dispair.
She fought to be left alone but in the devils eyes no had always meant yes.
Now, as the angel lies awake at night with her soul aching, and harsh tears for help sting her innocent eyes.
She feels that something, anything must be done.
This devil must die, he shall parish in hell.
So when the devil shall laugh of happiness as an act as nothing was done wrong,
The angel got help from the Lord himself.
Yes, he would help her with the pain, to turn those tears of shame, and aching heart to joy again.
Yes, he would help her fight a battle that will forever tear a hole in her families heart.

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