October 1, 2010
My eyes see it, I refuse to believe it. Why did I come here! I see two souls in the night, as clouds cover the moon. One is my own, the other… her’s. I watch them dance, and… there! Between our souls, a smooth diamond shaped hole. I sway and drink some tea, as my friend and her other friend come to us. I watch as there souls dance too, and there! A hole between them, except its smaller, round, and ragged. Then comes a couple, with a third wheel lagging behind them. “ Oh yay:” I think, “this picnic of two has become sideshow”. I watch the couples’ souls dance, and there is no hole between them. Then the third wheel detaches himself and approaches her, she who made the picnic, and brought me here. My soul disappears, to be replaced by the wheel’s, and I watch them dance. No hole. Dust chokes my throat, but I manage to excuse myself, and pretend I’m going home. I’m not. I need to crawl under a rock. I suppose my heart knows, its better this way. My heart is now so dust in my throat. It starts to rain. I flip off the sky, then crawl on a rock(ha ha) and sob.

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