T'was The Night Of Thanksgiving

October 1, 2010
By musik_is_luv10 BRONZE, Loveland, Ohio
musik_is_luv10 BRONZE, Loveland, Ohio
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T'was the night of Thanksgiving and all over the way
Families hopped in their cars to meet up for the day
Thanks would be given, prayers would be told
Food would be eaten before it got cold

But first they talked, caught up on news
To figure out what's happened to whom
Then everyone sat, waiting with glee
Smelling the feast they wanted to see

When out kitchen arrived the turkey
The family all knew how good it would be
Bellies rumbled and mouths watered
Then something moved and the turkey tottered

It fell from the hands of the holder at last
The turkey and plate hit the floor with a crash
Uncle Earl arose and stared at the meat
Then he shouted, "What will we eat?"

The family was an uproar and wouldn't calm down
Before we knew it, they were jumping around
Mother jumped on the table, right in the middle
She hollered over the noise to shut up for a little

"There's potatoes, and gravy, and pie, and cake
There's cranberries, and stuffing, and I can make steak
What would you like? I can make it real fast
Forget about time, they options are vast."

As the family settled down, back in their seats
They tried to figure out what they would eat
Food was discussed, options were weighed
Then the elders decided what would be made

"Sandwiches are easy, sandwiches we'll have"
The family all cheered, sat back, and laughed
What a disaster this Thanksgiving has been
They all said they would give it a ten

This is the most fun they ever have had
If next year can't top this, they're gonna be sad
They ate all the food and made some chit-chat
They ate so much they all felt fat

Goodbyes are in order as people depart
What happened tonight was an unannounced art
After tonight a tradition was formed
Now a disaster is this family's norm

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