My death

October 5, 2010
When I see your face
I would change everything
That smirk on your mouth
The glare in your eyes
And the laughter in your voice

Am I your little toy
Do you enjoy seeing me hurt
I guess you do
But its not funny to me

You don’t know what my life is like
What I go through
All you study on is my imperfections
Never looking at the positive
You point out every single one

When I never did anything to you
I go home everyday crying
Weeping that it will be over soon

But I know I just kidding myself
It will never leave
Not now not tomorrow never
Its stuck like glue
Never to be ripped off

But now you regret it every word you said
Every hand u touched on me
Because im gone never to come back
Because of you I didn’t get live out my life

you never thought I'd go home and end it
No you didn’t
Because you were careless an idiot
See what you have done

I could stand here lookind down at you
pointing out your imperfections
But no I care I love
And I believe now that I could have done something

But its too late now…

I dedicate this to Phobebe Prince

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jesstotrox said...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 10:35 am
Good job, this is so sad, but it's good in a way, i wish people would understand how much something can hurt someone, and someday they might not be able to take it anymore. It reminds me of Cassie by flyleaf, even though cassie did not commit suicide.
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