Slumber of my Mind

October 5, 2010
By sherriv BRONZE, Lancaster, New York
sherriv BRONZE, Lancaster, New York
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For it is just a dream within a dream
A thought riding on sleepless wings
A thought before it takes flight
Riding off to be
A dream withou But in the end we will be alright
t reality
But what exactly is reality?
Is this real to you?
Is this real to me?
On this endless sea of dreams we roam
Never to know when we will arrive home
But dreamers keep on dreaming
Thinkers keep on thinking
This is your life and you are the writer
Constructing the setting for your here after
What is this world but someone else’s dream?
But to me it all just seems
Like a dream within a dream
Or an idea around a thought
Or a mystery shrouded in the truth
For we are just players in this game we call life
One day we will return to the ground
But from here onwards to then
I firmly believe this world is mine for the taking
All I must do is reach out and grasp it
Find what does in fact lie beneath the surface
Of our mundane little world
Then I will truly understand
hat this world is all a dream
And I can be whatever I want to be
All because this is
A dream without limits
The earth with an endless sky
The sea without a bottom
So many possibilities
But I choose to be me
Nothing greater, nothing less
For in being myself I am the best
The best that I can be
In this endless, endless dream
But in the end we’ll be just fine
Nothing lost but everything gained
From a dream, a peaceful dream
Now I choose to be my own writer
I tell my story as I go
But first I will pass on my pen to whoever wants it and say
For this dream without reality
Is nothing that it seems to be

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