October 5, 2010
By wearypoet BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
wearypoet BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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"you wouldnt know warmth if it never got cold"- michael m. milton

I was never the dude to stick and move thats rude id rather fall in love and cuddle up then see you cry as i drive into the mist and your longing my kiss no im here when ever superman when i can i stand not grown but still consider myself a man might not have been perfect i did you wrong and you didnt deserve it but i try to reverse it and ease the pain though arguments and fights continously hurt it but im still a soldier and will go on holdin composure carrying the weight of the world on each 1 of my shoulders and while i have the strength you will never know it i never throw all on you because i know you got a load too and i told you il hold you down when the wind blows and its cold and hope is froze i know how it feels to never get help just sit and cry alone in the dark climbing infinitys steps when ever you wept i tryed to lend you my shoulder and il tell you what i told her you wouldnt know how warm felt if it never got colder so wipe your tears il do my best to consume your fears and help you open your eyes im here to ride till i die and when that curtain finally close il watch over you from the sky because together we froze over hell got tired of the heat and changed the forcast but it didnt last just a band-aid for our sores we longed more but our heat couldnt endure but love never died it just got put to the side to watch from the bench our every last my soul...tightly clentched..but i dont let it distract me from the tasks at hand stepping up to the plate i still do all i can for everyone who's hand is willing to reach for mines because im suppose to the leader my people look to me for guidence em all there worrys and problems they look to me to confide them and trust befalls me its work and never play but i dont complain thats not me my stress i never bleed so these wounds you never treat i prefer solitude then telling you and risking swinging your mood so the stars are my cache and i feel at home becoming asthetic of the night and taking a break from this fight my escape root from reality my indecent twilight

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