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October 3, 2010
By , none, MA
I have to wipe my tears,

and finally move on,

I have to man up ,

and learn how to be strong,

I wish I could stop, holding on,

to a futile love ,that’s to much like,

a romantic movie song.

The one ,that is so sad,

it’ll make you want to cry,

But then again, give you ,

A cluster, of beautiful butterfiles,

In the pit of your stomach, were no one can see,

That These butterflies are stinging like bees.

When am I going to be enough,

And not just second place,

When am I going to be the one,

That is finally chased.

Im getting older, not a baby anymore,

But,How can I beat the odds, and not just even the score.

I want to change me , and be somebody new,

I want to stop doing ,the stupid things,

That I,daily do.

I want my family to be whole,

everyone accounted for,

I want us all ,to laugh and talk,

Like we ,always did before.

I want to stop dreaming, and become a success

I want this writing to be more,

Than a way to relieve stress,

I want it to help others,

That are similar to me,

I want them, to finally see,

they are never alone, they aren’t the only ones,

there are many more, even tons,

of people that struggle, and people that fall,

of people that can’t see the light,

at the end of the hall.

But, if you can just close your eyes, and finally believe,

When things get hard you’ll always have a sleeve,

To wipe your tears ,and rest your head upon,

The world will unite, if we all just hold on.

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