The Curse of Asthma

October 1, 2010
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Oh, the curse of asthma.
A slow building creeps unpon my back. Tugging. Pulling.
Daring me to fight it.
It swoops down on the most inopurtune times.
Like a dark bat that
Takes your breath
Gasp. Gasp. Chest heaves.
Cough. A racking cough.
Sipping air through a straw.
A heavy weight lands on my chest.

Fight it! Fight it!
Sometimes, it doesn't
And sometimes it
Lean against a pillar, sit down.
Whichever. I just need to stop.
To try and win this battle.
I'm feeling dizzy.
And that evil little bat of Asthma
It glides, takes all my breath away.
Pull out that
Little red tube.
Looks so insignificant.
Yet it holds the power of

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