Birch Trees

October 1, 2010
By taahhlliiaaax3 BRONZE, Nahant, Massachusetts
taahhlliiaaax3 BRONZE, Nahant, Massachusetts
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When I look beyond the big birch trees.
I see a warm beach, soft & clear.
The trees sway; I hear them wisper my name..
I see a long white beach chair with a towel on it.
A non-virgin Pina colada on its side tabel.
In the ocean by the beach i see a fairly large boat.
Just off the shore, with all of my friends in it.
All of them calling me to come out with them.
Some even swimming my way to get me.
Then all of a sudden the clouds start to darken.
The waves get bigger & louder.
Thunder strikes the boat down the middle.
The massive waves capside a half & sink the other.
Cries on sadness, suffering, pain and help rang though my ears.
My Pina Colada was no longer this sweet fruity drink for a good time.
It was now a cup of aftermath.
A cup of puke.
In a matter of minutes, which felt like a lifetime.
I watched most of my friends, dissapear, one by one, by one.
Only a few survivors; some healthy some injured.
They slowly imurge from murky waters.
the sun slowly starts to peak though the clouds.
But the sea still slighty rocky.
The bell rings, the madness is over.
School is in session.

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