A Note From: Daddy's Little Girl

September 30, 2010
By Margaret Juarez BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Margaret Juarez BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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I'm left broken, shattered, destroyed.
But you sit there, almost over-joyed.
Tears run down my face,
like a river full of grace.
You can't help but feel bad,
You have been a horrible dad.
This isn't new to you;
Its happened three times.
They feel like you've committed three malicious crimes.
It doesn't matter,
It's all about you.
Who cares what you did or didn't do.
You try to relate to me, say you've been through it all.
You're left to wonder why I didn't call.
Just admit it, you've shot yourself in the leg.
But this isn't something to be forgiven by on little beg.
I looked up to you, you were my hero.
Too bad you threw your life away, and became one big zero.
What happened there dad?
What about your life?
You had three kids, two dogs, and a wife.
You said you were unhappy and needed some air.
I think you really just didn't even care.
Whatever dad. Give single life a whirl.
But you're missing one thing for good,
and that's your daddy's little girl.

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