September 30, 2010
By passion.fable14 SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
passion.fable14 SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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"Life is like a cup of coffee. You gotta...dive right in and drink it fast before it cools. Because coffee sucks when its cool. And it tastes like crap. Do you want your life to taste like crap Sam? I don't. That's why i don't drink coffee."

"An illusion is only an illusion until you choose to let it become something real."



my dreams

are lost.


seem to

find them.

I think


I lost them

when I gained

a grip on reality.

I'm really sad,

I had

such ideas to

to make of my dreams.

Plans for my

Thoughts for my life.
Now, since we can't recover my


I fear that I may
never know.

They told me that my dreams

are just illusions of
the mind.

They are not improtaint.

They are just fantasies.

So, I think that i lost my

My blue prints for my life.

I check in my shoes; maybe they are there, sleeping.

I check in my closet,
maybe they are there, whispering.

I check in my heart,
but there is nothing there. Reality
my dreams.

I've sat here a while now,

and I've thought about the

ideas that I've lost.

I've sat here, and i've thought,

that I've come upon
an idea.

An illusion, is only an illusion until I decide to make it something real.

As I sit here,

I've thought about
my "illusions"




As i sat here
in this dark room,


repainted my dreams. I've rethought my blueprints,

and, recreated my illusions.

I'd lost my dreams,
and no one could find them

But, then i remembered,
that my

life is mine. And my dreams are my own.

They are my plans.
No one's "illusions"

at least, not for those who choose to turn those illusions into actions.

The author's comments:
I think I rephrased a few too many things but...a TRUE magician knows the boundaries between their illusions and their fantasies...

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