The Freshman

September 30, 2010
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The young Freshman new to the game,
You think you have everything figured out,
But it's not what it seems.
You see you look real young and naive too,
The temptations out here in the high school Jungle,
They'll see right through you,
And your future forget about it
Unless your prepared,
And the caution signs, that they try to get you to read,
You the ones about the ones about the alcohol,sex,and weed,
They all help you in the end,
Because you see failure it has no name,
Its like the Grim-Reaper, it just takes who it wants,
I mean I wouldn't want to see that happen to you,
But your futures all in your hands,
You either take the knowledge that every ones been trying to give,
Or you listen to the streets,
Who don't want the Freshman to live

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