The Rain Falls

September 29, 2010
By Anonymous

The rain falls quick
It hits my cheek and makes me sick
My voice began to break
My tears are for heaven’s sake
Who I worship and who I serve
Came to me and had his nerve
It rolls down my face
As I feel the half hearted embrace
In my head there lies a gun
It feels as if I’m completely done
I’ve dealt with this for weeks
You see I always slur when I speak
But your voice is still silent
How could I not think violent
I try to fake and raise my chin
I succeed with a lifeless grin
I have to make you choose
I can guarantee I’ll lose
I miss the way you used to be
When you were still in love with me
The rain falls fast
It hits my cheek and I remember my past
I think I’ve been cursed
As what I feared is so much worse
I look at what you’ve taken away
I love you despite that I’ll die today
I try to fight and begin to stand
I started to cry and you took my hand
You said, “I‘m sorry, I didn‘t know”
Now you do so don’t act low
We were mad until midnigfht
I went outside and saw them bright
I looked to trhe north star
Please-oh please-take me far
I slowly fell the floor
As the man I loved ran out the door
The angels above saw through the glass
As I layed my head on the freezing grass
You started screaming and freaking out
I thought of what we once talking about
Me becoming your wife
But is this really the end of my life
If it is, it’s okay
I pray for you a better day
All your heartache and all your stress
Makes you act so less
Don’t act stupid and don’t leave
Promise me you’ll start to breathe
I now lie very still
Your warmth is all I can feel
I changed my mind
You speak softly and kind
You know and I know
How quickly time can go
I lie in your arms
And I hear many different alarms
This is where I would have wanted it to be
He never wanted to let go of me
The last thing I said, “I love you Justin- I”
I felt him cry as I closed my eyes and died

The author's comments:
the tears of a violent heart break is my only inspiration. sometimes i wonder why but i have to grown up enough to know that everyone feels something this extent. it will get better for those who are in pain. im the exampe of a lifeless recovery.

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