The Rain Falls

September 29, 2010
By , china, TX
The rain falls quick
It hits my cheek and makes me sick
My voice began to break
My tears are for heaven’s sake
Who I worship and who I serve
Came to me and had his nerve
It rolls down my face
As I feel the half hearted embrace
In my head there lies a gun
It feels as if I’m completely done
I’ve dealt with this for weeks
You see I always slur when I speak
But your voice is still silent
How could I not think violent
I try to fake and raise my chin
I succeed with a lifeless grin
I have to make you choose
I can guarantee I’ll lose
I miss the way you used to be
When you were still in love with me
The rain falls fast
It hits my cheek and I remember my past
I think I’ve been cursed
As what I feared is so much worse
I look at what you’ve taken away
I love you despite that I’ll die today
I try to fight and begin to stand
I started to cry and you took my hand
You said, “I‘m sorry, I didn‘t know”
Now you do so don’t act low
We were mad until midnigfht
I went outside and saw them bright
I looked to trhe north star
Please-oh please-take me far
I slowly fell the floor
As the man I loved ran out the door
The angels above saw through the glass
As I layed my head on the freezing grass
You started screaming and freaking out
I thought of what we once talking about
Me becoming your wife
But is this really the end of my life
If it is, it’s okay
I pray for you a better day
All your heartache and all your stress
Makes you act so less
Don’t act stupid and don’t leave
Promise me you’ll start to breathe
I now lie very still
Your warmth is all I can feel
I changed my mind
You speak softly and kind
You know and I know
How quickly time can go
I lie in your arms
And I hear many different alarms
This is where I would have wanted it to be
He never wanted to let go of me
The last thing I said, “I love you Justin- I”
I felt him cry as I closed my eyes and died

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