An Ode to an Angel.

September 28, 2010
I see him in the corner of my eye,
my face dry
while he continues to cry.
My dear angel-why do you hide?
Why do you hide from the center of my eye?
I wish to see you smile,
I wish to see you more.
Can you fill this hole in my chest,
or maybe stop a war?
Can you preform miracles?
Save someone from a mistake?
Can you live a normal life,
or soothe a person's ache?

Can you feel a hand in yours?
Do you feel the beat?
Of a heart slowly dieing,
did it ever sounds so sweet?

Do you take joy in saving
anyone that has a crack?
Or are you really white
because the colour of death is black?

Why do you cry my dear angel?
Is it because of me?
Do you think I am going to hell,
because I disagree?

Do you think I'm going,
because your boss told you so?
Or do you want to know the truth
of why he's afraid of his own shadow?

I could tell him everything,
all my sins
and all my tales.
But woe is me!
I disagree!
For who could fall in love with someone as dirty as me.

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XxLauraHatakeXx said...
Oct. 13, 2010 at 3:40 pm
absolutely beautifull<3 fantastic
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