Defeating The Monster

September 28, 2010
By Dallzz BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Dallzz BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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I don't quite know what to say to you
the words you speak slice straight through-
my heart, which has already been broken before
its still healing and will be for years more

Yet its ironic you see
for your pain and darkness really hurt me
but to be quite honest I am standing in black
It's devouring my being in a slow painful attack
A quicksand of darkness, a painful oppression
I call this monster the deepest depths of depression

It comes and goes like the tides of the shore
The ambush attacks and you just can't ignore
It clings to your brain and claws inside
there is nowhere to hide
the pain won't subside
you lose what you had of a sense of pride
for you feel there's no purpose on this tour with no guide
When you were young, to you, they lied
told you a happy ending always awaits at the end of the ride
but all who has lived, and suffered so, grew old in the end and inevitably died
gone to who knows where, why, or with whom
we don't know if it will all be for naught and just end in doom

Then I stop. I stop and think
How would I feel if you were suddenly just gone in a blink?
There is no way I could even try to go on anymore
I love you so much my heart would never be able to restore
so how could I ever do that to you
or anyone else who matters to me - in this world we roam-
a --wildly psychotic-- life-sized zoo

I will not lie to you today or tomorrow or ever
Pretend to completely understand what your feeling, I would never
I simply know how miserable one can feel when the darkness strangles you and sends you down
when you fall into the deepest black hole, a void where you'd gladly let yourself drown
But there is only one true way to get out of this burning hell many are stuck in
You gather all your strength and energy and fight the beast from within
You deserve better and so do I
And I know together we can conquer this and our defeat we will defy

I'm sorry I can't be what you want of me
If I could I would change with glee
I hope my love for you will be enough
Now we have to be tough
Because no matter what life is always a bit rough

The author's comments:
In this day and age depression is an epidemic...

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