How to restore a Fallen Entity

September 28, 2010
I just need a shoulder to cry on,
Or be indicted to a mental asylum.
To lie on,
Die on,
Pray on
These knees of defeat are gonna haunt you in your sleep.
Grab you by the wrists and suck you in
Until you find yourself pinned
Locked inside lucifers crib.
Fire ablaze and you're amazed that you even made it this far.
Bizarre that you healed your scars and survived this renaissance to sit on your stars.
The goals that you had, the plans that you lost.
The fight that you fought so easily brought
Sincerity and clarity.
A clear mind for the life you've revived.

What do you know about recovery?
Have you been able to touch life
Or believe
In yourself
The life that you felt
With eyes that devised the hurt
Changed or it
Would have remained
The Same--
Unstable and untamed.
You're alive, you arise
You learn how to self-save.
And now,
The only feeling I crave is the feeling of being brave.

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