I see you

September 28, 2010
I look around me,
And see nothing but lies.
Nothing but facades,
Nothing but walls.
Why must everyone hide behind these cloaks?

I look around me,
And I see nothing but greed,
Nothing but self-indulgence,
Nothing but hunger.
I'm not a person to you,
I am but tool for your own desires,
A step on the staircase to your dreams,
A wrung for you to get higher.

climb, lost soul.
Climb until your black heart bursts,
Until your lungs are empty,
Until your blood runs cold.
You will never be happy,
You will always yearn for another step,
Another wrung,
You will forever be searching.

The world you have constructed seems so safe,
So predictable.
But it will find you out.
It will recognize your greed,
Your poorly build facade.
You're the star of the show, darling.
But isn't that what you've wanted all along?
Watch as your emptiness is thurst upon the stage,
All of us can see it.

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