September 28, 2010
By Anonymous

The word screams in my ears.
Such an unforgiving adjective.
Yet, you say it like it's a noun.
As if it's all that I am,
All that I ever will be,
A synonym to my very name.

I have resisted societies temptations.
Held onto my own beliefs.
Stood up for what I thought was right.
Did not allow myself to be wavered by the crowd.
Yet I still carry this label.
This weight.
You assume I'm just like all the others.

I suppose that's all I'll ever be to you,
No matter how much I do to show you otherwise.
You are ignorant of the person you have raised,
The human being that has grown in your midsts.
But I am done trying to prove you wrong.
If only you knew,
That the day that I became your disappointment,
You became mine.

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