September 28, 2010
By passion.fable14 SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
passion.fable14 SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Doors are curious things.
When closed, isn't it, truly, human nature to open the door? To see into the beyond, to check for dreams, to search for nightmares? Behind a closed door, anything could be lurking, and we, as Answer Seekers, and Searchers of the Stars, of all things unexplainable, we must see what is hidden from us.
But what, must i ask, do we do when the door is open and we can see what's behind it?
The nightmares that prowl in hidden shadow spring, and the sorrow that awaits us will envelope us in it's velvet blanket of the dark.
Doors, are curious things and are best left closed.

The author's comments:
I guess not all doors should be left closed. Just ones that you discover yourself. You know...the freaky ones with dark auras and flashing lights, and warning signs nailed to them.

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