I. Am. Happy.

September 28, 2010
By INnaturegirl GOLD, New Albany, Indiana
INnaturegirl GOLD, New Albany, Indiana
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"To me frealess doesnt mean living without fears, its not bing completly unfaraid. To me fearless is living inspite of the things that scare you the most." ~Taylor Swift


Its been a long time
Sense I’ve been able to truthfully say that

I’m happy.

It seem like such a simple thought
it means the world to me.

Im not saying that all of my problems
Have just disappeared
But you helped me handle life
when I couldn’t do it alone
And now instead of focusing on the chaos of my life
You give me something to look forward to
You bring joy to my life

I am happy
And you are the sole reason for that baby
You saved me <3

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