Heavy Questions, Simple Answers

September 28, 2010
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Why is it that children can work together and play nice
But adults and world leaders turn to war to solve our problems?

Why does it seem like the people with a million troubles take life with a smile
But the privileged always find something to complain about?

Why is it we could save their life for a dollar a day
But we choose to change the channel on our worlds suffering children?

Why is it that we see our world dying and can count the ways we contribute to its downfall
But we tell ourselves its not our problem?

Why can a person tell another that it is a sin to do something and expect them to obey
But will turn around and do it themselves?

Why do children who have an uncanny strive for knowledge never get to see a book
But we receive virtually free education and complain everyday about being in a classroom? ~ungratefulness

Why is it that we know everything about everyone from the TV and movies
But we don’t take the time to get to know the strangers we call family?

Why is it that someone can decide to hate another for the others views
But refuses to look through his eyes to find out exactly what they are?

The truth can pull us down or it can empower us with the will to change…

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