Will You Tell Me

September 28, 2010
Where Did I Go Wrong?
Thought We Were Going Strong ,
Then You Left Me To Die
In The Midst Of The Storm
The Cold Dark Night With No One In Sight
I Was Alone No Place To Call Home
Thought I Could Survive But I Just Couldn't Fight It
The Feeling Of Hurt Depression And Grief Came And Took Over Me
I Began To Close My Eyes Wondering If This Was My Last Time
Will I Ever See You Again
Will There Ever Be An Us
I'm Dazed And Confused
Didn't Think I Would Lose
Wish I Could Take Everything Back
And Start From Scratch
You Said We Could Make It
But Yet You Still Walked Away
Will I Ever Know Your Reason
Will You Come Back To Me
Why Did You Run Away
Why Did You Leave Me In Pain
Will You Tell Me

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