Bedlam Ramblings

September 28, 2010
I sit, watching turning pages
My eyes are reading but I'm not absorbing
Thinking straight is not possible.

Dilemmas float, cloud-like in their mocking manner

Issues no one else would see;
So I stay quiet, thumbing through my work.

Another day passes; like a blur
Bystander now, that's all I am
Just watching & waiting but never partaking.

Maybe I'm insane with my way of thinking
Oh, but I'm sure I'm not; no need for alarm.
What if I am though; what should I do?

I'm sure I'm not though; they're only there to help
The voices, you know, with their shouting & screaming
But their intentions are good so it doesn't matter.

Especially if I don't talk
The walls do; that's the problem,
White, white walls that take everything in.

My breath, my thoughts, basically my being
Criticizing, cackling; it hurts my head
Maybe I'll just lie down; time for bed.

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