Dear Mother

October 1, 2010
By Anonymous

You are rarely spoken to, though you surely hear
Our rantings and ramblings and apologies
Though we speak them to each other only.
We little group must be both amusing
And pitiful to your ancient mind
To hear our frantic hurrying on your face
When you know all things arrive with time
You resent us as well, don’t you?
To feel the sting as steel breaks your skin
And hollows your vitals like a pumpkin
Your tears flood our homes from above
Humiliation brings blood to the surface
And sets our towns burning and boiling
How will you deliver your final retribution?
That is what frightens us most of all
Please consider our deep regrets
At having vandalized your well-worn cheek
And gouged out your eyes with progression
There are many trying to reconcile with you
From conservationists, who save your property,
To conversationists, who chat up your children.
You may remember our forefathers, long ago
Making sacrifices and spilling sacred liquids
To rejuvenate your more sprightly visage
So, as one young member of this clumsy race
I would like to make a formal apology
We’ll patch things up as quick as we can.

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