Individual Fate

October 1, 2010
By Anonymous

In the darkest cavern there is a hole
Spewing brimstone and sulfur in its heat
Through there travels the mortal sinner’s soul.

They race through beds of coal without shoe sole
In life of sin, Hell is their final feat
They crawl through darkness like a blinded mole.

Far above goes every other soul
Their Maker, they are able to greet
And with him, down lanes of gold they will stroll.

One has a choice to fall into that hole
At their Destroyer’s will, they can be beat
The fire and smoke tarnishes their soul.

One has a choice to escape that cruel hole
If, in life, they are able to defeat
The one who stops at nothing for control.

Those who, in life, can absorb the moral
On clouds of virtue they may have a seat
And gaze into the far bottomless hole
Lamenting for every wayward soul.

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