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October 1, 2010
By attitude SILVER, Grover, Wyoming
attitude SILVER, Grover, Wyoming
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I will always believe that life is unexpected much like me and things will happen if you want them to or not. Life is short and i choose to live mine to the fullest. In life there is pain, sorrow, death, and breakups, some of which i have gone through and the rest I'm sure i will. I will always hold my head high and remember who i am. I shall always treat people the way i wanna be treated. In a world like what we live in, there is alot of stereotypes and i happen to be one of them. I am overwieght but i love me for the way i am. Society sets the rules for how most people behave, it tells us that we have to be beautiful and dumb or smart and ugly. I believe we should be who our heart tells us to be. I also believe we should make our own choices that we know are right, not be told what to do my the public or the government. We should think for ourselves. I know life will not always go my way so all i can do is just live it. I shall never be inconsiderate or hypicritical because to be treated that way by people who act that way is not so great, I don't like that and i bet you don't either. Last i strongly believe that you have to be loyal to get loyalty, and trust to be trusted.

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my english class and this is how i live.

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