Ellie Poem

October 5, 2010
By Menke10 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Menke10 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I am Ellie
I am seventeen years old
A high school student who
has no idea what she wants
From head to toe I measure an even five foot two and a half inches.
Easily a foot shorter than my boyfriend

My eyes are hazel, stolen from my mother.
Blonde hair brushes my shoulders, usually tied back into a bun.
I’m an imitator.
Confused on my own identity.
I always wish for something different.

A believer in wishes, shooting stars, and 11:11.
I love Christmas and birthdays.
I hate how my dad wakes me up on school mornings, banging on my door and occasionally bringing out the air horn to get a good laugh for himself.
I love Chipotle and push pop popsicles; probably eat them too much.

I’m regretful and forgetful and hate the words I’m sorry.

I used to believe jealously was a wasted emotion
Now I don’t know.
Third child to my mother
First to my father
I hate learning about the past and feminism and the constitution
Just history class in general.

I love rain in the summer, but hate it in the winter
I hate when people prove me wrong
I throw hissy fits and pout on occasion.
Tuesdays with Morrie and Catcher in the Rye are the worst books I have had to read.
I am a procrastinator
I spend way more money then I actually have
I love attention and bracelets
I have never broken anything, but have always wanted to be on crutches
I’ve made a lot of mistakes I won’t admit a loud.
I don’t fit into my family
They love history and Science Fiction;
I love the present and Fiction.
I hate the expression live in the moment when everyone’s pushing us to focus on the future.
I love washing my face in the shower
how clean clothes feel
Cappuccinos with seven packs of sugar
Pickles, Salad, and sun flower seeds.
I hate old music and rock n’ roll
I want to move to Hollywood, Manhattan, and Rome

I believe in fairy tales, happily ever after, and
the one.
My room is always messy.
I get embarrassed for other people
I am scared of disappointment and let downs.
I like nail polish, getting my eye brows waxed, the smell of gasoline, fireworks, and chlorine.
I love meeting new people and dressing up.
I hate staying in the weekends, not having plans, and the color brown .

I am Ellie
and this is 2010

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