I Am happiness

October 4, 2010
By Rick1 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Rick1 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Happiness is a choice"

I am happiness
Happiness is me
You may be familiar of me
But I’m something you can’t see
Often sought of, pursed
But rarely discovered
I am a feeling, a peace that surpass all understanding
As quoted by the bible
I am the reason for addictions, sex, drugs, money, and war
Why you ask?
Because people look for me in all the wrong places
I am the product of cars, homes, jobs, love, success, money, children, and even music
Because people search for me through good and luxurious things
But I am either
No I’m neither
I can heal negativity, complaining, resentments, feuds, and those dark hours of sadness, grief, and loss,
You know, the cousins of who I am.
I am a feeling of buoyancy, lightness, laughter, joy, acceptance, wholeness, freedom, abundance, oneness, trust, and love
I cannot be put on hold, or projected into the future, saying… “I’ll be happy when…”
I don’t even need a reason, saying “I’m happy because”
Why you ask?
Because I am who I am
I can only be attained in the present
Not the past or future
So don’t hold on either one, it brings misery, my darling brother
So how can I be discovered? You ask
That’s the thing I can’t
So please don’t chase after me or seek me in things or people.
Because you won’t find me there
I am found through giving up the search
And simply living in the now, not the past or present or through worrying about the future
So don’t fight my father, who is life, or try to control him or confuse him with unhappiness, the brother to who I am
For he should not be judged as good nor bad
So now you know who I am
I am happiness
And that’s me

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