Accusations of Insanity

October 4, 2010
We all think shes the crazy one,
she counts the days untill Christmas,
and takes pills to control her temper.
He has us all wrapped around his little finger,
no one notices his flaws,
only hers.
When she screamed at the sky,
we called her crazy and locked her away in an assylum.
When he repeated her actions,
it was considered art,
and recreated in the best museums in the world.
What did she do,
to deserve such madness,
such mutiney?
where was he when she needed him most?
Off with a monster?
In bed with another woman he hid from her?
Dancing with demons?
Playing with parhannas?
Sighing at the saftey of his perfect life,
embeded in lies,
entertwined with the devil?

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