A Feeling

October 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Every day they walk right bye each other. No contact, no exchange of a smile, Nothing. I think "I love him" she would say to herself in her cold lonly bed that was almost as cold as her heart. Then tears fall from her beautiful emerald eyes. Not knowing that his hazel eyes cryed the same way. A touch of faith, a mere councidents, or just dumb luck, call it what you want. An agressive shove, books flying everywhere, walls broken, hearts united, and eye contact all in one moment. She was knocked down, to end up bouncing off him, and in a sitting position he got on his hands and nees facing her. There eye contact meat and in that instant time, time felt forever long, starring into emercold and hazel forever. No more tears, just happyness. Then the bell rung, time suddenly became arealivent, soon they would go back to thier own lives.

The author's comments:
This is deep as a feeling can hit u

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