Secret's Out

October 4, 2010
its all of my fault
there going to hate me
for the rest of my life

i just couldnt hold that one thing back
it just had to come out

it hurts so much to know that feeling of pain
and then everyone else is leaning on me
and are counting on me to hold them up.

they say that i am
'so strong and brave'
but im not really
i just have learned over the years
to hide it all

no one would ever expect me to lose it all
especially to lose it all
i cant let anyone get to me
i feel like i have to protect my family
like i have to keep my family in order
but i cant
im not the one thats supposed to do that
but i feel like i end up doing that anyways

i cant fall apart
everyone is counting on me
being the one
to hold everyone together
before it all falls apart

my mind is racing
my stomach is aking
the pain and stress
are going to break me
but i deserve it all
its all my fault

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