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September 30, 2010
By yasmeen mighty BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
yasmeen mighty BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It had not dawned on Rebecca that
today was her last day
For tomorrow was the sixth and her
report was not yet on its way
She ran her cross country race
very well but forgot one
important thing
That tomorrow she had to turn in
the most important thing

As Rebecca got home she watched TV
without a thought
But within in a mere 24 hours she
would be caught
She soon ate dinner and told her
mom that she had no homework
that day
Then she went upstairs and her
weary head she did lay

Hours passed biting into the time
that she had left to type
Soon Rebecca would have no more
time left to write
Time ticked away until class was
set to begin
The clock struck 7:15 and
Rebecca's time was running thin

Tik said the clockk tok said the
hand now it was time to awake
Ii pray and pray for poor Rebecca's
Rebecca takes a long hot steaming
But now times running down and she
has less than onne hour

While in the shower all of a
sudden Rebecca remembers the
She jumps out of the shower and
wished she hadn't put it off
'til later
She runs and runs downstairs to the
To her dismay her sister Jeni had
beat her

Now Rebecca trudges upstairs and
get dressed for school
She usually is really laid back and
really cool
Her mom yells "Rebecca you and
Jeni get downstairs"
Little did she know that Rebecca
was trying to hold back tears

Rebecca walks into the school at
her usual 8:21
She didn't know that everyone in
her class was about to have fun
When she walked in it was her
usual boring science teacher
But he said " sorry class I'm going
to leave earl" so lucky Rebecca
got a substitute teacher

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