The Meet

September 30, 2010
By Malina55 SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Malina55 SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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The moment we sat on the mats, and
felt the heat creeping in,/
I knew today would be just fine,
I felt it within./
The teams were crowding in, and
the stadium filled with shouts
and yells,/
This told me the time, I said,
"it's time, Kell."//
She nodded and we stood, advancing
to the beam,/
We glanced over at Cara and Jane
and we knew there would be some
sort of scheme./
Cara mounted the beam and gleamed
at the crowd,/
At the end of her performance,
she smiled and bowed.//
All at once, we turned our heads
and saw the disappointing score,/
She shook in terror and teared-up
at her profounding score, a four./
The team was tense, this would be
hard to fix,/
The Jane was up, and she played
her mix.//
Jane pranced on floor, Jane sweat
to defeat,/
But nothing was worth it anymore
when she misplaced her feet./
Jane saw her score as a flat out
Our team was disapponted and wanted
to redo some tricks.//
I approached the floor my feet
hammering on the chalky carpet,/
And heard the corwd roar, but
couldnt stop untill I got to my
spot on the intimidating carpet./
I looked left, i looked right and
heard my music begin,/
So I got into my pose and let the
music in.//
I jumped, I leaped, I flew through
the air,/
The crowd was now mute, because I
knew otherwise it wounldn't be
I knew i could land this, I knew I
could win,/
So I tried my hardest and just
held up my chin.//
The score came up, I was hoping for
a ten,/
Instead it was a seven, I could
not comprehend./
I hoped with all my heart to win
Intead we left with our heads low
knowing we did just alright.//

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