September 30, 2010
By funkymonkey BRONZE, Stockton, California
funkymonkey BRONZE, Stockton, California
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<3 lovin' life <3

A recognition.
A dedication.
A memoir.
A story.
A life.

We are all faced with a general pressure to be perfect. Thanks to the media, our minds have become corrupt- most can no longer except who they are, we all struggle to be a 'higher being.'

No one cares how you play the game.
Winning is our main objective.
Our only objective.
Just this once, I am here to tell
you-and that pressure-I think you're perfect just the way you are.

We are imprisoned
We are overweight.
We are homeless.
We are survivors.
We are families.
We are fighters.
We are soldiers.
We are singers.
We are addicts.
We are skinny.
We are lovers.
We are actors.
We are artists.
We are preps.
We are sporty.
We are geeks.
We are smart.
We are 'emo.'
We are lost.

We are broken.
We are strong.
We are united.
We are one.

Dear stranger,
You are breathing, and I already think you're beautiful.

The author's comments:
i think, if we would all just stand together and care for everyone and everything, then this world would be a better place. you are not alone, their are people out in the world who are going through the same thing you are, and if we would just accept that we are all different, and yet all the same, we would chance the world. who's with me?!?!?

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