September 30, 2010
The sun bright shines
with all its might endowing the streets with light...
but clouds overcast...
glooms seeps in through the cracks...like mist

For long it tries to break free
from the chains of melancholy
mortal like us is he
and gives in eventually...

Not for long may I say to his credit...
he gathers the light...bright and piercing
bursting out with all consuming power...
Shadows fade and wait for another day...

Our lives are prity much the same..
the sun, the shadows...the joy..the sorrows..
But are we masters of the light?? Or
just hapless victims of a game beyond our control.

You stare bleakly into the abyss..
Neither reflection nor hope be there..
Shout to the labyrinth that life is sometimes..
gives no reply nor an echo be heard..

Pulled down by chains..
bound by fear..
Introspection throws up disgust
retrospect and tears flow unrestrained..

Clouds of sorrow you may dispel..
But the eclipse you cannot fight..
you feel only the dark..
the despair swirling around you..like fog

A stumble here and a fall there..
A helping hand in the peripheral vision...a caring heart..
a sudden ray of hope...
a zeal for life..courage to move forward

Suddenly your world abound with light..
Turn around and see the face of a friend.
An archangel with an impish grin..
Speechless with a heart brimming with gratitude..

Not once but many times over..
brings a smile on your face ..
you wonder what you did
to deserve person like dis..

A personal sun forever there..
Fighting the eclipse..
lighting up your life

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