I Am the One I Always Feared

September 29, 2010
Avoided and oblivious,
I look in from out side,
wishing for acceptance;

Outcasted and cold,
I shiver under your un-approving glare.
Shrinking into the background,
I yearn for the truth.
Are you a true soul, or a fake smile?

Lonely and resented,
I have concluded, you are an actress.
Who shows a giving heart,
Yet has one of sadness and fear.

Blooming and shy,
I wonder If you have a life,
If so, then why take mine?
Yet I speak no such thing,
Just going with the riptide of life.

Unique and curious
I step closer, while every one else backs away.
I wish to see, why every one hates me.
They are swarm of bees,
And you are their queen.

Confident and Afraid,
I peel off your mask,
as you shriek in fear.
Afraid of everyone seeing who you are.
A frail girl, who flinches at every blinding beam
of truth.

Foolish and Dumb,
I wake up from my aloof stance,
Only to realize that I am that girl.
The one I feared, a day ago.
But what is there to do?

Defeated and Weak,
I shake my head, forcing my thoughts away.
Yet they never truly leave, haunting me in my
moments of doubt.?

Hated and Admired,

In a crowd I stand Alone,
Looking out from the inside,
wishing for a friend.
But I just keep dancing on my own.

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