September 26, 2010
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When you see a tree what do you think? You don’t think much of a tree when you just see it on the side of the road. You just pass it without a thought in your head. But if you think hard enough, you’re not much different than that tree.

Were all just like trees, we start out small and grow too the top. Some trees don’t make it that high. Others touch the sky. But weather your touching the sky or trying to make it big we all get our branches scared, cut and knocked off. You may grow a new branch or heal that scar. But that branch won’t be the same as the last one. That scar will still be there as a reminder of the past. We have leaves too. They fall off one by one, Piece by piece. They will just lay there helpless until there finally forgotten and blown away. But then they will grow back again. No matter if you’re that tree touching the sky or that tree barley making it up, we all die. We either die of natural causes. Or someone comes along and cuts us so far down that we can’t re grow. But either way we all die a tree.

So next time you simply look at a tree and think it’s just a tree. You’re wrong. You are more like those trees than you will ever want too admit.

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