Front Door Disappointment

September 26, 2010

Paint chipping off the front door,
Trademark contoured smirk
Almost faded into the narrow doorframe,

Knowingly, almost slyly amused
Gaining mirth from anxiety
Notices frustration

Scattered wineglasses
Felicity doesn’t smile upon you
Waiting, watching, pleading

Once vivacious, twice misfortunate
Window exposes nefarious dawn
Shame crosses the welcome mat

Soft pity
Shake of the head
Brass knobs remain untouched

Inevitable truth, the bell never sounds
Coaxing in your ear, “There, there”
Whispered consolation

Heart clenches tightly
Shreds of hope quietly fate
Relentless naivety beckons you

Numbly check the rusted peep-hole
Last tears are shed, and
Travesty brings you home

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