The Sky Issue

September 26, 2010
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It's eleven minutes after the eleventh hour
I could wish for so many things
These sixty seconds have so much power
To change my hope for the future

But for this time…and last time,
My eleven-eleven wish is him
For him to be mine
My friend, my crush, my life

Yeah, I know I'm superstitious
And yes I know it's impossible
But I've got this intuitive feeling
That it could actually happen in reality

But now I'm wondering, and doubting
If my eleven-eleven wish will come true
For me to be with dating
My friend, my crush, my life

I'm his friend, or at least I hope
And I know that he is my friend
I just wish that in the end
We will be much more

So you probably figured it out
So now you know I'm crazy
I'm crazy for this guy i just met
My friend, my crush, my life

This guy is you ?

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