Mother Nature's Loophole

September 26, 2010
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The people we love, we want them forever
To be with us always, never to leave
But things go according to Mother Nature
And she thinks on the contrary

As much as we care, as much as we love
We've got to let nature, take its course
It is hard, never is easy
But it makes us stronger, you'll see

He may not be sitting next to you
But remember always: he is with you
She may not be smiling right at you
But remember always: she is with you

You may not see them, but you can sense them
You can hear them, you can feel them
With you every day, with you in every way
That they can, they are here

You just need to listen, you'll hear their song
They want you to sing, to sing along
Enjoy living now, it's not forever
But life itself, now THAT'S forever

Sadness, grief, and tears are part of living
But so are joy and happiness, loved ones are near
I can't see them, I can't hear them
But I feel them, they're here. ?

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