Benefits of putting my familt first

September 25, 2010
By Swanangel15 SILVER, Point Fortin, Other
Swanangel15 SILVER, Point Fortin, Other
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Discipline, honour and respect
Are benefits that I receive
I proudly accept them all
When I help my family

Mommy, daddy
Who had made me
Brother, Sister
Who helps me

Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Sister
Who all support me
We are all a family
They love and care for me

One for all, and all for one
Is how we all abide
By helping one another
And helping each other shine

Helping my mother with the dishes
I receive a beautistic smile
Making sure to be home on time
I make my father smile

Helping my siblings with the chores
Make us get along just fine
I love and respect them
They love and protect me

Of course we have our share of fights
We sometimes quarrel through the night
I sure this sounds quite bothersome
But making up is so much fun

There is nothing more important
Than your family
That’s why I do the right thing
And spend time with my family

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