The Visitor

September 25, 2010
By SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
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The walls are gleaming white,
The floor is spotlessly shined,
The door is ajar,
Though I know for a fact,
That no visitors will ever arrive.
I feel encased,
As if I am some animal,
I am trapped,
I have to get out,
The windows are sealed,
The cameras are on.
I am begging,
I wish to escape.
I am a failure,
My life is in ruins,
My heart is a gaping hole of emptiness,
Have I not been hurt enough?
I can do nothing,
But wait.
As I lay in the bed,
A silhouette passes over me,
I sit up.
My bones creak,
My legs groan,
Stumbling from my weight,
I glance around,
Eager to find someone to comfort me.
I search,
And I wait.
Hours turn into days,
Turning into weeks,
I had used up all my strength to stand up,
Falling down yet once again,
Facing more pain and hurt,
Than ever before.
Hope has left my heart,
But today,
A silhouette shadows my face,
My closed lids open,
Looking up from my bed,
The most beautiful creature,
Hovers before me.
Its wings flap slowly,
Lifting its fragile body up,
It brushes pass my cheek,
Landing on my lips,
As if to give me a kiss.
Then realization hits me,
God did not send a person to visit,
For He knew I would not accept them,
God sent the most precious thing I lost,
My hope.
The butterfly flutters away,
Pausing at my bedpost,
Waving me a peaceful goodbye,
It flies away to the skies,
Free of any worries.
This creature blessed me,
During that time period,
No words spoken out could reach me,
No actions taken could make me stand,
Yet this butterfly changed me,
My perception of the world,
My pessimistic thoughts,
My pain, hurt, and feelings of injustice.
My message to you is,
Be patient,
Do not rush,
Because one day,
That one special day,
Your butterfly will fly you away.

The author's comments:
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

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