Abandonded Boy

September 29, 2010
By clearlysecretive SILVER, Madison, Wisconsin
clearlysecretive SILVER, Madison, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Suspicion is trying to find out what you later wish you don't know

Stranded waves lap at the shore
A lonely surface is laced with pain
Its been abandonded, just a lake
Tossed out like yesterday's muffins
Discarded like no one cares at all
Hidden from the world: unknown
But someone knows, someone cares
Someone will eat yesterday's muffins
In someone's eyes, its more than a lake
Even if the someone is a young woman
She still cares about the lonely lake
She still loves that abandonded boy

The author's comments:
Social classes make it impossible to be seen with some people, the people that everybody teases. This is about those people and how they still can be loved and if they are, no one will understand.

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